A week to spend: my short to-do list (cat and paint included).

Rainy Saturday woke me up.  This is my first official day of a week-long off from work.

It should have been different story and new level of excitement if only I had a stackload of money ready to spend this week, but alas, after paying mortgage, my car payment, my son’s Tae Kwon Do monthly tuition (these all go out in this week), gas and we still need something we can eat for the whole week, my checking account doesnt look promising at all.  For few years we had  family getaway vacations to the beach ( we love beach in the winter time!), this year we are sitting at home. And no, I am not touching my saving just for the sake of spending so fuggedaboutid.

So here I am,  sitting by my computer with jammies on and freshly-made coffe on the table trying to scrape off whatever left on my fried brain, trying to think what I can accomplish this week without making a big dent of my poor checkbook.  Feel free to chime in and share suggestions. I need it.

1. I think I’m gonna paint that empty guestroom upstairs. It’s been pink since we bought this house.  Even though pink is fine, it actually works fine with the cherry-finished bedroom furnitures, but for some reasons it looks too… sweet. I need some color that when we actually have adult guests, they wont feel like they are sleeping in a nursery. I’m thinking grey. Like cloudy day sky grey.  The next step would be persuading my husband to remove me from his blacklist of People That Should Not Paint Anything Since They Will Just Do Crappy Job And I Ended Up Redoing It.

2. Read! Oh so many hours I can read now! No more 15 minutes before I doze off thing. Library here I come. 

3. I need to get my Phillipines and Thai girlfriends set up a date for Asian Cuisine Dinner thing. Then we need to check with the husbands to make sure they can happily tag along and eat funky foods with total 5 kids yammering. Need to set up the date, who is going to host and what we each is going to cook. Well FYI I am not a good cook for Indonesian food. My  husband does that. Hat off!

4. Shampooing the carpet, husband chimed in. Uh – I have no clue whatsoever for this. I’ll google around first.

5. Sleep, sleep, sleep. This week my goal would be I will sleep more than my cat does. Does a lot of sleep make you have a flabby belly?  My cat has flabby belly. 

I best keep the list short since there is always possibility that I’ll end up accomplishing only one (sleep might be the easiest task to do anyway).   

Today is my first official week-off work.  Drizzling outside, my coffee is getting cold. Husband and son are out and about. I’d better get to business: accomplishing the number 4 on my list. Move away, cat. Mom is taking the bed over!


About srihicks

Somewhere between working a full-time job and chauffering my son around everyday, there is still a house to clean, a husband, bills to pay and I still need few hours of sleep. Why adding a blog in my hectic life? Because I need a hobby and I find blogging as an outlet to pour out my thoughts without being interrupted. In some level, it keeps my sanity level in-check. Yes I am that kind of gal that wants to be a superwoman. I want to make money, have a house to tend, a wonderful family to cherish, good friends to hold and a blog to write. I have them all. Welcome, family, friends and readers, to my blog that reflects my random thoughts, of a gal that is trying to navigate a hectic little life. Enjoy.
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One Response to A week to spend: my short to-do list (cat and paint included).

  1. Yoke Yuliana says:

    Too much sleep maybe won’t make a flabby belly, but be careful it could make you hairier. Look at your cat, she sleep too much & have a loooots of fury, eh? Hihihi…

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