Day Six: All Over The City.

Day Six: I do not quite have a time to wake up.

After my usual sleep deprivedness (5 hours of sleep or less), run to the shower – pick up my son – church interview – take him to Tae Kwon Do – run to work. When I get home again, it will be Thursday morning.

The pattern will be like a pinball bounced all over that shiny box. All I need is that loud, annoying sound and it will be perfect. And the flashing lights, of course.

Here I am with a bowl of leftover soup for my breakfast+lunch+dinner altogether, bare feet still and no lipstick on, and 10 minutes before I march to my truck. Was worrying about the interview this morning before I fell asleep, but I guess if you are multitasking and have places to go where you can not be late, you don’t have time to worry.

Just launch.


About srihicks

Somewhere between working a full-time job and chauffering my son around everyday, there is still a house to clean, a husband, bills to pay and I still need few hours of sleep. Why adding a blog in my hectic life? Because I need a hobby and I find blogging as an outlet to pour out my thoughts without being interrupted. In some level, it keeps my sanity level in-check. Yes I am that kind of gal that wants to be a superwoman. I want to make money, have a house to tend, a wonderful family to cherish, good friends to hold and a blog to write. I have them all. Welcome, family, friends and readers, to my blog that reflects my random thoughts, of a gal that is trying to navigate a hectic little life. Enjoy.
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